It is the right of every Canadian age 18 and over to vote but only if you are registered with Elections Canada.

Regional media advisor Réjean Grenier says most of us are already registered for the October federal election.

“If you filed an income tax return,” he said, “you have probably check-marked the little box that says ‘Can we share this with Elections Canada?’ and then Elections Canada then has all of your information.”

Confirmation of that will come to your home mailbox around the end of this month, in the form of a voter information card.

“Now if you don’t get a voter information card,” Grenier advises, “then you should check with your returning office to make sure you are on the registry, or (check) on the website, actually.”

On voting day, all you need for ID is a driver’s licence. Failing that, a health card is okay, but you will need a second document with it to verify your address.

For more, see the Elections Canada website.

With files from Bob McIntyre,