One of the many tents featured at the IPM is the Lifestyle Tent.

The tent has an array of activities lined up at the IPM, tailored to suit everyone.

“We like to showcase local talents,” Celeste Auger Proulx Chair of the Lifestyle Tent said. “Everything from health and wellness presentations to physical activities, to music, song, and dance. For example, two fashion shows which will feature three of our local businesses and we have presentations on gardens and herbs.”

For a full schedule on the happenings at the Lifestyle Tent, click here or stop by the tent where they will have physical copies available for everyone to pick up. None of the activities take place before 9:00am.

“Our activities start at 9 because we know that people like to sleep in,” Proulx laughed. “We always start with physical activities. We have Zumba, yoga, other kinds of physical programs. With your pass, everything is free.”

If you would like to join in on one of the classes, there is no need to register. Everything is ready for you to just walk into the tent and join in.

“I am looking forward to showing the world the talent that is in our community,” Proulx added.