“I think it’s inappropriate at any time in history that it’s done and I think it is racist.”

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli, no stranger to political scandals in dealing with the Patrick Brown affair, was asked to weigh in on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s next move after video footage and photos of Trudeau in brownface and blackface.

Asked if Trudeau should resign, Fedeli responded, “I think that’s up to the Prime Minister himself to make that decision.”

Global News obtained a video of Trudeau with his face and arms covered in black makeup and it appears to be different than the picture of him performing in high school.

The first picture released was of Trudeau dressed as Aladdin in brownface at an “Arabian Nights” themed dinner while he was teaching at a Vancouver high school in 2001.

“The Prime Minister himself acknowledged it is racist and it’s wrong. And, certainly, it’s wrong at any time in history,” said Fedeli.

Party leaders have responded with shock and called the picture of Trudeau dressed as Aladdin in brownface a lack of judgment.