In response to recent images of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau wearing brownface and blackface, Nipissing-Timiskaming Federal NDP candidate Rob Boulet is standing in solidarity with those who have been most impacted by the event.

“As a white male, it isn’t up to me to decide what level of outrage is appropriate. My responsibility is to stand alongside all Canadians experiencing racism and support them through this disappointing, shameful event. We must remember that there are people in this community and across Canada who are hurting today. People are hurting and we cannot forget that impact. I encourage folks to stand together with those who are hurting and come together for something better.”

On Trudeau’s future in the wake of the racially-insensitive materials, Boulet said, “It’s not up to me to decide who should be Prime Minister but I do know that a leader doesn’t do this… I don’t know what is going to happen but I do know what makes a good leader. I choose people; I choose empathy; I choose authenticity; I choose strength of character. I am proud to be part of a diverse and inclusive team with a leader with those qualities.”