The General Government Committee of North Bay City Council has recommended moving forward with changes to the procedural by-law.

A vote will be taken at the next regular meeting of council to whether several changes will be enacted.

“It’s just modernizing the procedural by-law,” said Mayor Al McDonald, “so we can be a bit more efficient in what we do.”

Notable amendments to the by-law include:

  • Committee meetings of Council will begin at 6:30pm and Council Meetings will begin immediately thereafter or at 7:30pm whichever comes first. The purpose of this amendment is to allow the business of Council to proceed without delay.
  • A new summer schedule will allow for only one meeting of Committees and Council during the month of July and one meeting of Committees and Council during the month of August. This reflects the practice commonly adopted by larger municipalities. If necessary, the Mayor may call a Special Meeting between the two meetings.
  • The agenda will be amended to allow for Event Presentations by Members. It is also being proposed that this section be amended to move Motions of Reconsideration to the first order of business of Council after the Minutes have been approved.
  • Meeting agendas will be made available (with full documentation) to Members of Council the Wednesday before the scheduled meeting and the Friday prior to the public.
  • Ten-minute presentations must be requested the Monday prior to the meeting (eight days prior) so the name(s) of the presenter(s) can be published with the agenda.
  • Committees will include all 11 members of Council. The proposed amendment would reflect the new structure of the Standing Committees, wherein the Mayor will be an Ex-officio member of each Standing Committee and all members of Council shall be appointed to the three Standing Committees. The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be appointed in order of preference, based upon the Councillor’s standing in the Municipal Election results. This proposed change will alleviate any issues that may arise regarding quorum.

Mayor Al McDonald says he is supportive of the by-law amendments, especially the one-minute event presentations by members of Council. He says it’s an opportunity to recognize individuals or businesses in the community.