North Bay Police have provided an update to the Hold and Secure that took place at Widdifield on Wednesday.

The police arrested two younger people in relation to an assault complaint that was received on Tuesday.

It is alleged that a week prior, on October 2, the victim received a message on social media that included a video of a handgun and verbal threat. Then on Friday, October 4, the two who have been accused showed up at an area adjacent to the school that the victim attends. A physical altercation took place between one of the accused and the victim.

On October 8, the police were informed and began an investigation.

On the ninth, police arrested the aggressor in the assault was arrested. The young person was later released from custody but is set to appear in court in November over charges:

  • One count of assault
  • One count possession of a weapon dangerous to public peace

Following the arrest of a second person, a locker in Widdifield was accessed where a pellet pistol and a small amount of marijuana was seized. The young person remains in custody pending a bail hearing and is charged with:

  • One count of Utter Threats
  • One count of Breach of Probation
  • One count of Breach of Recognizance
  • One count of Person under 19 Years Possess Cannabis

Police advise the pellet pistol that was seized during the investigation was the one viewed on the video that was originally sent to the victim.