Winter certainly seems like it is here to stay.

According to the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority, snow depth and water content are way above the average for this time of year.

“The average snow depth for all sites is 21.2 cm (1507% normal) and average water equivalence is 30.7 mm (1175% normal),” said Kurtis Romanchuk NBMCA’s Water Resources Engineer. The average snow depth was 11.1 cm and water equivalence was 12.3 mm for all sites in 2018.”

The Conservation Authority measures snow depth and water content as part of its Flood Forecasting and Warning Program. Snow is measured for depth and water equivalence at three locations in the watershed. Those locations are the North Bay Golf and Country Club (Chippewa Creek Watershed, North Bay), Corbeil Conservation Area (La Vase River Watershed, Corbeil), and Shirley Skinner Conservation Area (Kaibuskong River Watershed, Chisholm). Data for the season can be found on the NBMCA website.