North Bay Police Service is reminding ice shack owners to be extra careful when locking up and heading home.

This, after police, received a report Tuesday of a theft from an ice shack near Sunset Point on Lake Nipissing. Officers say fishing equipment and other items were taken.

Police are asking anyone with information to call the North Bay Police Service at 705-497-5555 and select option 9 to speak to a police officer.

With the winter fishing season underway, North Bay Police service is offering tips on how to keep the ice fishing community safe:

  • When you are leaving your shack wherever it is located take your valuables with you.
  • If you have to leave a valuable behind take the time to put it out of sight. Often thefts of this type are crimes of opportunity so if it is not visible it may get passed over.
  • Whether it’s your home or ice shack community by knowing your neighbours you can look out for each other to protect your neighbourhood.