The Executive Director of the Warming Centre was pleased to see the bounty of donations collected by Mme Roynon’s Grade 5 class at Alliance French Immersion Public School.

Dennis Chippa accepted much-needed items for the Warming Centre from the school’s families, such as cough drops, tissue, granola bars, lip balm and more.

Roynon said it was a joint Social Studies/English project involving all her students. They created posters, public service announcements and short presentations to generate excitement in their school.

“It is so gratifying to see how passionate the students are about this endeavour,” she said. “They were excited to visit other classes in the school to tell them how they could help.”

Mme Roynon’s Grade 5 class at Alliance French Immersion Public School collected goods for the Warming Centre as a class project. (Photo supplied)

Roynon’s students reflected on their project and what impact they felt it could have.

“The Warming Centre is for people who are hungry or homeless or even really cold. They can go there to eat, sleep and just stay there to warm up,” said Grade 5 student Melody Corbett. “It makes me really happy telling other students about The Warming Centre. They really care about it and that made me really happy.”

Maddie Courville believes a project like this is very important. “It helps people that are in need of things that everyone deserves, like food and toiletries.”

Roynon added, “The Alliance community is always incredibly generous and giving and again this time, they did not disappoint. Hundreds of items were donated.”