Staff Sergeant Carolle Dionne said Tuesday she cannot elaborate on how the Nipissing West OPP uniformed member might have contracted the COVID-19 virus as the matter “is being investigated by Public Health.”

The OPP’s Manager of Media Relations, Dionne clarified the “member pro-actively self-isolated when they experienced symptoms related to COVID-19 on March 17. They were then diagnosed as ‘presumptive positive’ on March 21.”

The OPP member presumptively diagnosed with COVID-19 serves the Nipissing West Detachment area in northeastern Ontario. The member’s name and specific work location are being withheld to respect their privacy. Nipissing West OPP covers territory from Sturgeon Falls to Sudbury.

Dionne said the OPP continues to follow protocols to prevent community spread put in place by the federal and provincial governments. She added, “COVID-19 has the potential to spread to anyone and OPP members are not immune.”

Dionne shared, “The local Public Health Unit has been advised and the OPP continues to take all safety measures in accordance with their direction. All work areas that the member previously came into contact with had already been sanitized several times prior to receiving the diagnosis. Enhanced cleaning protocols and limitations on public access at all OPP-occupied facilities remain in place.

“Furthermore, the OPP is collaborating with local public health officials to identify potential contacts during the period prior to the member’s self-isolation and subsequent diagnosis. As part of their investigation, public health officials will contact those members of the public who may have been in contact or affected.”

The OPP advises everyone to practice social distancing, washing their hands and the recommendations made by health officials to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.