North Bay Fire Chief Jason Whiteley is lauding the province’s fire restrictions.

Whiteley says, effective immediately, the City of North Bay is issuing a fire ban on all outdoor burning. “The fire ban will be in effect until such time that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry can determine that emergency response capacity will not be impacted by COVID-19 and rescind the fire ban in the Restricted Fire Zone.”

The MNRF has implemented a Restricted Fire Zone across the entire legislated fire region of Ontario due to impacts related to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is important to note the restrictions apply to all Crown and private land within a municipality, as well as provincial parks and conservation areas inside the regulated fire region.

Whiteley says, “This is a proactive action by the Ministry to reduce the number of preventable human-caused wildfires to ensure that emergency response capacity is maintained. Minimizing wildfires will ensure the province is able to address any emergency fire situations as well as will reduce necessary contact among staff, and between staff and the public.”

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