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Police remove hand grenade from storage shed

The North Bay Police Service (NBPS) has helped a community member dispose of a hand grenade found while doing housework. 

Officers responded to the call on Monday of someone who reported finding what appeared to be a grenade found in a storage shed that had not been accessed in many years. The property had just been taken over by a new owner who was cleaning up the area. 

When an officer arrived, they determined that the object was, in fact, a Mills Defensive

style hand grenade. The officer could not tell if the grenade was functioning, so the Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU) was called. 

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The EDU officer had received specialized training in the safe removal of explosives and safely removed the grenade without any incident. 

The grenade will be destroyed, while the investigation into its origin continues. 

With this discovery, police want the public to remember that is you run across what you believe is an

explosive or an explosive device like a hand grenade, do not touch it:

  • Like a firearm, do not bring explosives to a police location, let the police safely identify and collect the item from the source location.
  • Call the police and provide a comprehensive description without touching anything.
  • Do not handle any old wartime mementos on your own. Let the professionals handle it
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