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‘Miracle Puppies’ reunited one year later

A year after 11 abandoned puppies were discovered in a dumpster, they were reunited for their first birthday party.  

In August of 2019, the “Miracle Puppies” were found in a dumpster at a local park. Still needing to be nursed from their mother, the Humane Society took the puppies in and were swamped with calls from people asking to adopt them. All 11 dogs were adopted and have been growing healthily. 

Darlene Sacher, the owner of one of the puppies, went online to search for her dog’s brothers and sisters. 

“I started a Facebook group and we started looking for the owners of all the dogs and we found them,” Sacher explains at the birthday party she helped organize. 

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Sacher says that the dogs are a mix of numerous breeds, mostly representing a Mastiff/lab mix.

A handful of the dogs in the litter have been reunited for playdates on a few occasions, with Saturday’s birthday party having the most of the litter on hand. Two of the 11 dogs were unable to make it. 

Sacher, who runs a dog boarding business in North Bay, says she wasn’t originally planning on adopting one of the Miracle Puppies. 

“We had just lost our dog so I wasn’t in the market for another big dog,” she recalls. “I fostered him for a week and I was sold.” 

Sacher believes that the story of the Miracle Puppies should be looked to as an example as to why people should rescue dogs.

“They can be helped. The Humane Society does an amazing job with the dogs. If people support the Humane Society, it goes to these guys and they thrive and they find a new home,” she said. 

The original mother of the litter was also at the birthday party for her puppies. Yvon Albert, who adopted the mother, says that she has been the best dog he’s ever had.

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