North Bay City Council will be declaring the late Mike Anthony’s seat vacant at Tuesday’s meeting.

Mike Anthony passed away suddenly on September 2 at the age of 52.

As per the Municipal Act, “if the office of a member of council becomes vacant under section 259, the Council shall at its next meeting declare the office to be vacant, except if a vacancy occurs as a result of the death of a member, the declaration may be made at either of its next two meetings.”

Council did not declare the seat vacant at its September 15 meeting, meaning that they must do it on Tuesday.

Once the seat is declared vacant, the city has 60 days to either appoint a new councillor or hold a by-election to fill the seat.

Past practice in North Bay has seen council appoint the person who placed 11th in the previous election. In this case, it would be George Maroosis, who previously served 32 years as a city councillor.

Mike Anthony was in the middle of his sixth consecutive term as a councillor when he passed away. He was honoured as a valued member of the community, with a ceremony and flag-lowering taking place outside city hall the day following his death.

Terms for elected officials in municipalities are for a length of four years, with the last election being held in 2018. Anthony’s replacement will serve the final two years of the term before the next election in the fall of 2022