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Elderly woman struck while j-walking in North Bay…

An elderly woman is recovering today after being hit by a car in North Bay. At around 11:30 AM yesterday, police say the 76-year-old woman was j-walking across Cassells Street towards a coffee shop when she was hit by a car leaving the drive through.

The woman had non-life threatening injuries from the hit and was taken to hospital. No charges have been laid. North Bay Police are investigating.

North Bay Police offer these tips for drivers and walkers:

Safety tips for drivers

-Always look for pedestrians, especially when turning.
-Watch for children. Drive slowly and cautiously through school zones, residential areas, or any other area where children could be walking or playing.
-Watch out for Community Safety Zone signs that indicate areas where there is a special risk to pedestrians.
-Be patient, especially with seniors or pedestrians with disabilities who need more time to cross the road.
-Drive carefully near bus stops when passengers are getting on and off the bus. Always be ready in case pedestrians make sudden or unexpected moves.

Safety tips for pedestrians

-Cross only at marked crosswalks or traffic lights. Don’t cross in the middle of the block or between parked cars.
-Make sure drivers see you before you cross. If the driver is stopped, make eye contact before you step into the road.
-Wear bright or light-coloured clothing or reflective strips, especially at dusk or when it’s dark.
When at a traffic light:
-Cross when traffic has come to a complete stop.
-Cross at the start of a green light.
-Don’t cross once the “Don’t Walk” signal starts to flash or the light turns yellow
-Never cross on a red light.
-Watch for traffic turning at intersections or turning into and leaving driveways or drive-throughs.

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