City council has approved $200,000 that will be given to the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) to update a pedestrian footbridge off of Oak street.

The money will fund a majority of the bridge’s $286,000 cost, with the remainder coming from previous money the city has provided the NBMCA.

The bridge is part of a larger construction done by the NBMCA along Chippewa Creek. Work is also being done to channelize and widen the creek in order to reduce the hazard of erosion. The overall project will cost around $764,000.

The footbridge near 701 Oak street serves as a connector between the Kate Pace Way and Kinsmen Trails. It has been decommissioned since 2014 after 64 years of use. The area used to serve as a path between North Bay and Ferris.

During the discussion, councillor Chris Mayne said “we will no longer have to lift our bikes over that big cement barrier on the path.”

Councillor Dave Mendicino underlined the “excellent partnership” between the city and the NBMCA, adding that the new footbridge will be a big part of the city’s Transportation Master Plan.

conservationCouncil unanimously approved the decision. Construction of the pedestrian bridge is set to begin in 2021.