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Police want your help to build security camera database

The North Bay Police Service wants to know who has home security systems.

The Police Service has launched the Security Camera Resource and Mapping (SCRAM) program where it will collect the information of businesses and homes that have home security systems which could be helpful in the investigation of future crimes.

Constable John Schultz says that security cameras can play a pivotal role in police investigations.

“If we had a break in an area, and we know that we have security cameras in four of the houses and they face the road, then that might be an area that we canvass first and we’ll be able to check their security cameras,” he said.

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Through SCRAM, people who have security systems with cameras can provide their general information to the police service which will be collected in a database that can be looked at when a future crime happens in the area.

“We don’t monitor the camera,” Schultz stressed. “They can forward their information to us and we can make that information available to our frontline officers.”

Halton Regional Police was among the first police service in the province to create a database of security cameras in the area. Schultz says the idea for SCRAM came to North Bay after a security camera captured footage of a suspect who had been breaking into people’s vehicles.

“From the edge of the property, you can see the guy walk across his front yard and tries his (vehicle’s) doors. Then he looks right at the camera. He time-stamped it, sent us the video, our officer tracked the guy down and made the arrest,” Schultz explained.

NBPS has been working on SCRAM for about a year, and now has a section of its website available with information on how people can get involved.

Schultz says the residents can send their name, address, phone number, email and camera type to [email protected]

“We’re not knocking on doors asking people for their info, but we’re hoping to build up that database over time,” Schultz said.

“The community needs to know that we need your help. You can help us solve crimes by working with us.”

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