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Capitol Centre launches its Holiday Series

It has been a long time coming, but the Capitol Centre is set to open up for live performances.

A new Holiday Series launched by the Centre includes live productions and festival films for both November and December. Ticket sales are limited to 50 people and COVID-19 safety protocols are in place to help provide a safe space to enjoy the arts. The Centre has also launched its new smart-ticket system, that automatically blocks off seats around purchased tickets to ensure a safe bubble for patrons.

Caroline Parnell-Barry, Marketing Director at the Capitol Centre, says it feels to go be looking forward to live shows once again.

“We’ve heard that people are missing being able to come and see live performances. It’s such a positive mental boost when you sit in a theatre and hear live music or watch a live performance. it makes you forget all your troubles… It’s a big deal to be able to do this again.”

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Parnell-Barry says the Centre has been limited to 50 people for a while now, but they have been waiting to see if that limit would increase to 100 or 200.

“It was to see if we could realistically negotiate some shows. Even the 100-200 number is small compared to what we’re used to. But it’s looking like that limit isn’t going to grow for a while yet.”

So the Centre decided to reach out and see what shows they could negotiate for a crowd of 50, and they brought them in.

“It’s very exciting. We’ve got new COVID safety protocols in place which people might find a little different. Smart ticket system, signage, traffic flow control, plexiglass at the box office and concession area… there are lots of new things in place to keep people safe while they enjoy the art.”

Though many things have changed, the feeling of sitting in a live theatre and enjoying the shows is a feeling that is very much the same.

“The theatre looks exactly the way people remember it. The lights are all lit up and it’s beautiful and ready to go.”

To see a full list of the upcoming shows, visit the Capitol Centre’s website.

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