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22 Wing member honoured by NORAD

A member of North Bay’s 22 Wing has received significant recognition.

The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) has named Warrant Officer Sgt. Danette Weyh as 2019’s top Junior Non-Commissioned Officer.

“I have to say I was very surprised,” Weyh said. “I was very proud to be given the honour to represent Canada, of course. It’s very humbling.”

Weyh was born on the south shore of Labrador and joined the Canadian Forces in 2005. She was first stationed in North Bay as a Tracking/Identification Technician.

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In 2009, she was posted to NORAD in Colorado Springs, Colorado, then moving to Cold Lake, Alberta as a non-commissioned member in charge of Standards and Training in 2013. She was posted back in North Bay in 2016.

When Weyh looks back on her 15 years of service, it’s the people that stand out to her.

“You meet great people, no matter where you go. Workwise, different military units and even in civilian life,” she said.

“I’ve had the opportunity to go through and watch my leaders, and had subordinates. It’s an opportunity to go through and be a positive role model for many,” Weyh continued. “I’ve enjoyed my time in my career. I was later coming in and had multiple opportunities to do different things. I certainly see it as an opportunity to be a positive role model to others.”

In the official recognition of Weyh, 22 Wing Commander, Mark Lachappelle gave a statement.

“Sgt Danette Weyh is an Air Surveillance Technician instructor and evaluator. Sgt Weyh conducted 3 Individual Tailored Training Plans, performed multiple evaluations, and directed the Air Surveillance Technician Squadron Training Day. She supervised over 20 personnel, was the focal point for inbound Squadron members, and selected as the alternate unit Security Supervising Officer. Sgt Weyh is from Mary’s Harbour, Labrador and loves to attend amusement parks, travel, ski and teach.”

Awards are handed out annually to members of NORAD across North America for distinguished efforts from officers, enlisted and civilians.

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