The  2021 draft budget’s projected tax hike is lower than what has been seen in previous years as city hall enters a week full of talks. 

During a special committee meeting of council last week, the draft budget’s initial projections are showing an overall tax levy increase of $4,018,554 which would result in a 4.28 percent tax increase. 

The draft shows the largest increase in City Departments, which see a projected increase of $1.9 million (2.02 percent) for next year. 

Reductions in the drafted budget are seen in fuel, insurance and overhead costs totalling about 0.75 percent in savings. The draft also shows $1.4 million in the city’s reserve funding being included, which offsets the tax hike by 1.5 percent. 

These figures are the first draft, as council and committees will be undergoing their own meetings over the next week to discuss any further projects that may be included in the budget. 

Councillors Mac Bain and Scott Robertson brought up the possibility of building new recreational amenities like basketball courts or pump tracks, which will be discussed among the committees.

Councillor King also brought up that the District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board has seen a 58 percent increase in volume for its services in the fourth quarter of this year, which he says will be discussed this week. 

There will be meetings throughout the week among committees and council to fine-tune the budget before it is finalized in December