“Whatever regulations the province puts in place based on the advice of medical professionals, we will support wholeheartedly. To not take the advice of medical professionals would not be doing our jobs,”

That from Mayor Al McDonald prior to Tuesday’s announcement. 

Beginning Thursday, Ontarians will be required to stay in their homes with the exception of getting groceries or going to medical appointments.

“If those are the recommendations that are put in place, we will support them,” McDonald said in anticipation of further provincial restrictions. 

In the past two weeks, the region has seen an increase in COVID-19 diagnoses, which McDonald says is not surprising. 

“We’re not an island. We know people from the south are travelling north and people from the north are travelling to the south,” he said. 

The latest restrictions include retail businesses to only be open for business from 7 am to 8 pm. McDonald says he’s worried about how local businesses will fare. 

“I’m concerned about our local economy, I’m concerned about local businesses and I’m concerned about local employees,” he said. 

McDonald says he is remaining optimistic, however, with news of a COVID-19 vaccine providing hope. 

“That is the light at the end of our tunnel, but we’re going to go through dark winter,” he stated.  “We want to get everyone through this pandemic. We’re just asking for another six or nine months of following these protocols.”