The Drive Home with Kevin.
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“It’s the show that stars YOU” weekday afternoons from 3 to 6.  I push the buttons but you decide what we talk about.  Your funny stories, your comments, important information that people need to know … I’m standing by and ready to be your public PA system to all of North Bay and area.  Get in touch with me at 705-475-9915

5 Quirky Kev Facts
*Kev has a rule that he won’t watch a movie with a running time longer than 110 minutes
*Kev likes peanut butter but can’t stand to be around someone else eating peanut butter.
*Kev once served coffee to Alan Thicke.
*Kev was a member of his high school wrestling team and was ranked second in the district in his weight class.  (It’s a moot point that there were only 3 people in the 85lb category.)
*And finally… Kev has never seen an entire episode of The Simpsons