Approximately 60 people attended a “Freedom Rally” at the North Bay Waterfront on Saturday.

The group rallied together for the second time in a matter of weeks to protest provincial lockdowns and restrictions.

None were wearing masks.

Under the current restrictions, residents are asked to gather outdoors in groups with a maximum of five people.

Dr. Jim Chirico, the area’s Medical Officer of Health, says “people certainly have the freedom to express themselves but my concern is it puts people at risk when they are not physically distancing and you are not wearing face coverings.”

North Bay Police did not lay charges at the last freedom rally at the waterfront, and cruisers were seen monitoring today’s gathering.

Scott Tod, Chief of police, says police have a couple of options for addressing the rallies.

Tod told media at a news conference on March 22 that the NBPS have the ability to lay provincial offences notices at the rally as well as provide summons to those involved to have them appear in court.