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The Kevin O Show

The Kevin O Show
Weekday mornings from 6 to 10

A familiar face (or maybe we should say voice) returns to your morning wake up!  Join Kevin Oschefski weekday mornings from 6 to 10.

It’s North Bay and area’s most interactive show and that’s because we talk about whatever YOU want to talk about.  Your funny stories, your comments, important information that people need to know … Kevin is standing by and ready to be your public PA system to all of North Bay and area.  Get in touch by calling and texting 705-472-CFCH.

5 Quirky Kev Facts

  1. Kev has a rule that he won’t watch a movie with a running time longer than 110 minutes.  (Why has no one brought back the mid-movie intermission???)
  2. Kev likes peanut butter but can’t stand to be around someone eating peanut butter. (It’s the smell.)
  3. Kev once served coffee to Alan Thicke. (I even kept the newspaper he’d been reading.  Until my mom accidentally recycled it.)
  4. Kev was a member of his high school wrestling team and was ranked second in the district in his weight class.  (It’s a moot point that there were only 3 people in the 85lb category.)
  5. And finally… Kev has never seen an entire episode of The Simpsons.
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