North Bay will be recognizing September 30th as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.  

This after council unanimously passed a motion from Deputy Mayor Tanya Vrebosch on Tuesday night. 

She says the city can help with education by sharing the stories of residential school survivors, their families and communities.  

“It isn’t a day to just sit at home, it’s a day to reflect and a day to educate yourself.  Education is key so that we make sure that the atrocious mistakes never happen again,” she says.  “We can’t fix everything but I think we can be part of the education and awareness.” 

Her motion also calls for staff to work with the Indigenous Friendship Centre to promote Truth and Reconciliation at the municipal level. 

“Whether it’s lighting up City Hall orange again so that we pay attention to it, or we use our social media to talk about one reconciliation a day, or maybe we talk about one at every council meeting,” Vrebosch says. 

Councillor Johanne Brousseau seconded the motion.

“To honour the survivors and their families, wear an orange shirt and engage with the Indigenous community,” she said. 

This September 30th will be the inaugural National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.