There is still a bit of time left to vote early in the federal election. 

This is the last day for the advanced polls, which are open until 9 pm. 

Jim Mallory, Returning Officer for Nipissing-Timiskaming, says they don’t have specific numbers but the advanced polls have been busy. 

“Advanced polls were very brisk over the weekend, a lot of our electors opted to use advanced polls.  (Monday) seems to indicate that it’s just as busy, so we’re doing our best to keep up with the crowds.  Our people are working hard to ensure that the line-ups are dealt with as quickly as possible,” he says. 

Mallory says there haven’t been any problems. 

“Except for a little bit of frustration because of the long line-ups and the long line-ups are partially caused by the fact that COVID restricted us in some of our locations, so we had to double up in some instances.  Except for a little bit of that frustration, no there have been no incidents,” he says. 

Mallory says electors can still cast their ballot at returning offices in the riding until 9 pm on Monday, September 13th  and 6 pm on Tuesday, September 14th.  

“That’s called a special ballot and it has been running since the day the writ was dropped, 9 am to 9 pm during the week, there’s still a bit of a timeline for them if they can get in here,” he says. 

The deadline to apply for mail-in voting is 6 pm on Tuesday, but Mallory says it may already be too late to take advantage. 

“They have to apply for a mail-in ballot and that has to be sent to them.  The timeline now is a little too restrictive for that,” he says.  “Unless they’re willing to come in and get it and get it out in the mail it’s probably not going to work for them.” 

Monday, September 20th is Election Day.