Council has approved spending $158,700 for repairs at the Capitol Centre. 

Tanya Vrebosch, Deputy Mayor says it’s an unexpected expense. 

“It’s always why we say we have reserves to be able to cover these things.  It was brought to our attention that the Capitol Centre identified a wall showing lateral movement outwards at the top.  They had a structural engineer come in and explain how they can make the building safe and rubber-tight,” she says. 

The money is going towards emergency repairs to the West Wall Parapet and South Wall Siding.  

Vrebosch says this funding request is all about making the building safer. 

“We always talk about the jewel of the north and how important the Capitol Centre is to us, so (I’m) very supportive of doing this.  It’s not always how we want to do it, we’d rather have it budgeted, but we all know that there are unforeseen emergency situations that come up that need to be dealt with for health and safety,” she says. 

Funds for the project are coming from the city’s Completed General Capital Projects Reserve. 

When the staff report was written the reserve was forecasted to have a balance of $2.5 million.