Major road work is expected on McKeown Avenue later this year.

Councillor Chris Mayne, Chair of Infrastructure and Operations, says the current two-lane stretch of the roadway in the north end of the city is being widened. 

“This will widen/four-lane the last section of McKeown Avenue between Cartier and Gormanville,” he says. “It’s simply the design and environmental assessment that’s starting.  Hopefully construction will start later this year.” 

Council approved a $477,000 contract for engineering and design work on Tuesday night.  

Mayne says the Invest in Canada Infrastructure Fund (ICIP) is helping pay for the construction project. 

“Most important of all, it’s a significant beneficiary of the ICIP funding from the federal and provincial governments.  It should be receiving almost 80 percent financing support when construction actually begins,” he says. 

Under the program, eligible costs will be funded by the provincial and federal governments up to a combined maximum contribution of $4,166,500.  

The city will fund the balance of the $6.4 million project.

That total includes design, construction, soft costs and contingencies.  

Final costs, however, will depend on bids once the project is tendered.