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New front-line policing initiatives underway locally

The North Bay Police Service is increasing its focus on road safety and has created a new Platoon Investigators Unit. 

Inspector Jeff Warner, Operations, told the monthly Police Services Board meeting that a second officer was deployed to the Traffic Section in January. 

He says since the introduction of a dedicated traffic enforcement officer last month a total of 97 provincial offence notices were issued.  

Warner says the majority included fines for speeding and moving violations with a stunt driving charge also laid.  

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“I’m hoping people will get the message to slow down, drive according to the weather and pay particular attention in and around school zones,” he says.  “Our traffic section will continue to monitor problem areas in the city and enforce the rules of the road.  We will also be developing a monthly traffic initiative to enforce the legislation related to distracted driving, excessive noise and improper mufflers.” 

Another initiative, the Platoon Investigators Unit, was created through restructuring. 

Inspector Scott McFarlane, Criminal Investigations Section, says the unit has a number of goals, including an improved investigative response for the community and victims of crime.  

He also says there are plenty of benefits. 

“The platoon investigators have already proven to be a valuable asset to the uniform platoons by being available when an occurrence happens rather than a call-out basis, thus cutting our overtime costs,” he says.  “They are a resource and assist in uniform calls for service, even if they do not assume the investigation.” 

McFarlane says the unit, which has been active since January, has conducted several investigations including sexual assaults, missing persons, robberies and serious assaults.  

“The platoon investigators have also improved North Bay Police Service delivery to victims and the community by having trained and experienced criminal investigators 24 hours a day,” he says. “The time to clear some of the criminal investigations has dropped as a result without the overtime that would’ve normally taken place prior to the implementation of this unit.” 

He says increased training and mentorship within the service are other benefits.  

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