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City police going over crime trends in 2021

Year-end crime stats are in from the North Bay Police Service and some areas were up in 2021, including violent crimes. 

Deputy Chief Michael Dazé presented a series of year-end reports to the board on Tuesday.  

“In terms of violent crime, we did see a 4.3 percent increase in the collective of those categories through 2021.  Notably, we did see a 14.4 percent increase in weapons calls through 2021,” he says.  

Police say the category of violent crimes includes:

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  • assault
  • attempt murder
  • homicide
  • robbery
  • sexual assault
  • threats
  • weapons

“We did see a reduction in assaults by 3.6 percent,” says Dazé, who also reports decreases in other areas, too. “Our property crimes, we have had concerns previously with break and enters. We did trend down last year with a near 27 percent decrease in our break and enters,” he says. 

With calls classified as ‘social disorder’, Dazé says ambulance assist calls were up 38 percent, there was a 150 percent increase in disturbing the peace and a 22 percent decrease in domestic disputes. 

He also says the 35,817 calls for service were relatively consistent year-over-year, with a two percent increase in 2021.  

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