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NBFES says more people turning to wood-burning fireplaces

Use of wood-burning fireplaces is on the rise according to North Bay Fire and Emergency Services (NBFES).

“With the escalating prices for electricity, natural gas, propane this year North Bay Fire is seeing an increase in the number of homeowners that are turning to wood-burning fireplaces to heat their homes,” states a release.

With the increase in use, fire officials are offering up safety tips:
– Regularly test your smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.
– Make certain to get your fireplace inspected and chimney cleaned annually or more as required.
– Keep the area around your fireplace free from combustible materials. Place a guard or screen in front of the fire to protect children and pets from the fire.
– Make sure your fireplace damper is open before starting a fire so this it can vent properly.
– When starting a fire never use flammable liquids.
– Make certain that smoke is exiting vertically from your fireplace. If smoke enters the room, you need to investigate why.
– Only burn dry, seasoned wood. Painted or treated wood releases chemicals into your home. Wet wood can increase creosote buildup which may lead to a chimney fire.
– Never leave a fire unattended. Make certain to fully extinguish the fire before going to bed or leaving the home.

North Bay Fire is encouraging residents to follow these fire safety tips to help keep their loved ones safe through the holiday season.

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