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Kev’s Kids fundraiser about to hit the airwaves

We’re closing in on Kev’s Kids radio marathon for Rotary4Kids.  

Starting Thursday morning, Country 90.5 FM’s Kevin Oschefski is broadcasting for 29 straight hours. 

Funds are being raised to support children and youth with special needs. 

Oschefski says there’s no real trick to staying awake. 

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But, he says the donations that people make are uplifting, along with the reason why they’re raising funds. 

“[It’s] when you see the legitimate difference that this makes to these kids and their families, whether it be through the purchase of a wheelchair or a ramp. Contact lenses is one story we heard this year,” Oschefski says. “I’ve always said if my child was in need, I would hope that somebody in the community would give up a day and a half to help them.  That’s all I’m doing.” 

Something new this year is they’re bringing the show on the road. 

“Through technology, we can broadcast the radio show so we’ll come to your office, we’ll come to your workplace, we’ll talk about you on the radio, we’ll take a picture and post it on our social media,” Oschefski says. “We’ll accept your donation and make sure it gets to those kids.” 

The fundraising goal is to raise as much money as possible to help as many kids that they can. 

Donations are being accepted online, by phone during the broadcast, at the radio station (122 Main Street East) on Thursday and at the wrap-up event Friday morning (7 am to 10 am) at the North Bay YMCA. 

This is the 21st annual fundraising event for Rotary4Kids which has raised over a million dollars since it began.

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