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Clean Green Beautiful’s community-wide cleanup goes Saturday

Everyone is invited to get involved as Clean Green Beautiful North Bay holds its final litter pickup event of the season this weekend.  

Hariett Madigan, founder, says their biodegradable waste bags will be available for Saturday’s Community-wide cleanup at the farmer’s market that morning.  

She says they started the year with 5,000 bags.  

“We have about 1,500 bags left,” Madigan says. “For us, that’s a marker that there’s less litter than there has been in previous years. I think most people are remarking on how beautiful and clean our city is.”  

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She says there are hot spots but in general, people are “stewarding their community” with over 30,000 bags of litter removed in the past five years.  

Madigan also says there’s work to do with what people are throwing away.  

“The one thing that is disconcerting is two-thirds of the bags that we fill, sort of an informal survey, is recyclable materials,” she says. “We have to start going to the next step and that is to reduce and reuse.”  

This was a big year for Clean Green Beautiful North Bay with the Communities In Bloom judges touring the city this summer.  

“The words they used were ‘your city is remarkable’. We’re going to get the results at the end of September or early October,” Madigan says. “We’ve got our fingers crossed, I’m hoping, that we’re going to be bumped to national competitors.”  

On the beautification front this year, a community art piece was installed at the waterfront.

(Photo by staff)


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