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Clean Green Beautiful North Bay

Community Challenge: Raising the bar of kindness Starting August 1, 2022
This community challenge is to get to know your neighbours. Posting on social media ways
you raise the bar of kindness in your neighbourhood, resulting is perhaps getting to know your neighbours better.

Community Wide Litter Clean up
Community wide litter pickup will be September 23-25, 2022.
Promoted on all socials to get the word out. Prizes will be drawn for participants who have
ordered bags from our website for the pickup and who have posted a photo on social media
of the garbage they collected, must tag us in the photo and use corresponding hashtag. Winner will be drawn randomly.

On going projects
Loaner Kits are now available at North Bay- Mattawa Conservation authority. One Kit includes 5 buckets, 5 gloves, 5 grip n grabs, 5 safety vests and 25 CGB garbage bags. Kits must be returned one week after singing them out. We encourage people to take photos of their litter pickup and tag @cleangreenbeautifulnb

Remarkable Trees: To celebrate the beauty and bring attention to the importance of trees in
North Bay’s urban environment CBG set about documenting remarkable trees. Brittney Fortin, professional photographer, documented people next to their favorite tree with a short story of its significance. By documenting these trees CGB has been encouraging and promoting increasing the tree canopy in our city and highlighting its importance – trees being critical to the quality of life in our community.

Litter Pickups: Community Clean Ups have continued going strong, with over 21 clean up crews in various locations in the city doing weekly/biweekly and monthly pick ups. 5,000 bags delivered to 200 individuals, groups, and organization throughout the city.

Clean Green Beautiful garbage bags available to order. Visit to order today.

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