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North Bay Mazda Food Bank Food Drive

There’s a socially-distanced food drive happening in North Bay!
North Bay Mazda is teaming up with the North Bay Food Bank to help fight food insecurity in the North Bay area.
On Sunday, March 28th from 9am to 5pm, we welcome you to safely give back to those who are in need of food by leaving the following non-perishable items on your doorstep or at the end of your driveway:
• Orange or Apple Juice – 1 litre tetra box
• White Sugar – small packages for households – big bags we have to break apart
• Instant Coffee
• Jam
• Oats – small bags – big bags we have to break down
• Meal Kits – like a hamburger helper, tuna helper or taco kit
• Side Kicks – flavoured pasta/rice side dishes
• Easy Bake Muffin Mix
• Canned Tomatoes – small size
• Feminine Hygiene Products – Pads specifically
Please email your address to [email protected] for pickup or any inquiries – we will also email you back with a time-frame of when we will be arriving.
If you would like to us to take a photo during pickup, please add your telephone number and we will call you before we arrive!
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