Outside a Canadore College Board of Governors meeting last evening, the public face of the school reiterated that one of the subjects at the centre of an investigation will not be placed on paid leave at this time.

Canadore College President and CEO George Burton said the school has made its statement in regards to an ongoing investigation into improper workplace activities by at least one executive and will “now allow due process to unfold.”

Less than two weeks ago, dozens gathered at the entrance to Canadore’s main campus and rallied, chanting for the executive at the centre of the controversy to be placed on paid leave until the third-party investigation is complete (see video below).

Rally for a Respectful Canadore Workplace

Rally for a Respectful Canadore Workplace

Posted by My North Bay Now on Friday, April 5, 2019

Burton was asked if the media reports concerning the scandal have affected enrollment or raised questions from visiting prospective students and their parents. Burton responded, “This has been viewed as an ‘incident.’ Whether it’s factual or legitimate, the investigation will present those finding to us. Until such time, it is a moment in time that involves, potentially, some individuals. Again, we’re not certain. And, we’ll continue to deal with the facts once they are uncovered and presented. Until such time, everything is speculation.

Meanwhile, staff members at Canadore, asking not to be identified for fear of reprisals by the same executive under investigation, have made statements in the media indicating they do not feel safe while the executive is still walking the school’s grounds.

“The independent, third-party investigator is conducting that process, part of that is to present the report to the executive committee of the board, and until such time, we’re not going to make any further comment because we’ll let that process unfold, we’ll deal with those findings and that will be the next time we comment on it,” said Burton.

Asked if a timeline has been imposed on the investigation, Burton replied, “No…We want a thorough investigation…we want the time frame to go back a full ten years. We want that to be independent, we don’t want to put pressure on the investigation.”