The OPP warned you, we reported it, and yet 11 snowmobilers face fines for modified mufflers.

Last weekend, police patrols on North Bay and Bonfield trails led to the fines under the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act.

Noise complaints about snowmobiles on OFSC trails in our region have police out enforcing the law prohibiting the use of modified exhaust systems.

According to the snowmobile unit, the North Bay OPP receives many complaints from homeowners where the trail is near or goes through their property, about the loud engine noise from modified exhaust systems on snowmobiles.

Police agencies across the region say they will be out patrolling for the rest of the winter, weekends and weekdays, nabbing users of the modified mufflers.

Under the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act, using a modified exhaust system is a provincial offence and a $110 fine.