The Government of Ontario will provide up to $1.2 million to help fund the construction of the Nipissing Serenity Hospice.

Thanks in part to new funding from the province, the board of the hospice says they will be able to begin construction in early spring 2018 and receive patients in December 2018.

John Fraser, a Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, was in North Bay Monday to announce support for a new residential hospice in Nipissing. Once completed, the new hospice will provide nursing and personal support services to patients and their families closer to home.

Says Mathilde Gravelle Bazinet, Chair of the Board of the Directors of the hospice, “The people of Nipissing and East Parry Sound are very thankful for the capital grant from the Ministry of Health. Nipissing Serenity Hospice will provide the urgently needed end-of-life care in a home-like residence that will complete the continuum of seamless palliative care in our region.”

Once construction is complete, the province will contribute $630,000 in annual operating funding.

The provincial government is providing capital funding of up to $200,000 to build each new eligible hospice bed and also contributing $105,000 per bed for operating costs in hospices across the province.