A member of a lobby group to stop school closures says the Ministry of Education has brainwashed school board trustees and staff.  That’s what Felicia Fahay of Ontario Alliance Against School Closures told the Moose after she addressed the ARC in North Bay that’s consolidating high schools.   Fahay says the ministry tells school boards the only way to get funding is by closing schools.  She says it’s not the only way.   Fahay says school boards can all be put under one roof to save money and still maintain their identities.  Fahay also says the whole idea of asking parents to come up with solutions to school consolidations is wrong.   She says that’s what staff are paid for.


Another speaker at the ARC meeting was Andrea Lefebvre, a teacher at Chippewa Secondary School.   Lefebvre made it clear to the ARC at the outset that she was not speaking in her capacity as a teacher but rather as an individual and parent.   Lefebrve told the ARC she hasn’t decided yet what scenario to support.   However her presentation included a lot of detail about the benefits of having one super school and different start times could be used to alleviate traffic congestion.   Lefebvre also said if the ARC recommends two high schools, they could serve as a future stepping stone to creating one large high school.   On the matter of two high schools, Lefebvre said that could pit them against each other because resources would be split.    Lefebrve believes no matter what high school option is picked, they will all have pros and cons.